IT Specialist

Objective of role:

  • Support interactive installation and management of system and network.
  • IT infrastructure management, Support for the user system, Maintain and troubleshoot equipment at the office.
  • Deploy specialized software, directly manage, and guide the use of software for employees.
  • Building, implementing, and operating the internal NAV ERP system.
  • Maintenance of the report system.

Detailed responsibilities/accountabilities

  • Management and development in the needs of company.
  • Support to process errors in the software using software, user interface, function integral.
  • Work with the provider of software services and watch for land-related errors involving software.
  • Maintenance of the computer system, the tech system

IT Support:

  • Settings, operations, management systems and information at companies like computers, internal network, Internet, phone, cameras, …, and electronic devices that serve as a printer, projector, TV...
  • Implement the safety precautions of the company's computer and data network.
  • Advising and participating in the procurement, inventory and management of assets, equipment, and machinery as above for the company.
  • Follow up with corporate IT to set up server systems, intranet, internet, wifi, …


  • Bug fixes, improvements, and extensions to the existing NAV ERP software.
  • Research, grasp new technology, and integrate it into the software.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the direct Manager.


  • Maintenance and development of Power BI built.


  • University degree or equivalent in software, IT hardware, networking, or related qualifications.
  • 1+ years of experience in IT help desk services, Candidate priority from multinational companies.
  • Experienced in implementing accounting and human resources software.
  • Basic English communication and writing.
  • Proactive, friendly, careful, willing to learn and support others and work in pressure situations.
  • Have communication skills. Able to work independently and as a team.
  • Knowledge of SQL Databases like MS SQL Server and complex SQL Query Creation
  • Have a bit of knowledge of Power BI.
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